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Italian do it better

Finalmente sportitalia trasmette una partita di Bargnani. La sua partita è abbastanza buona, visto che il minutaggio 22 min. che gli concedono gli permette di mostrare il suo buon tiro.
Per usare le parole di Yahoo!Sport

Andrea Bargnani is starting to show why the Toronto Raptors took a chance on the soft-shooting Italian forward with the top pick in the draft. Bargnani had 14 points for the Raptors, who never trailed. Toronto outscored Indiana 32-17 in the first quarter and began the second quarter on a 14-2 run, including eight points from Bargnani.

The Italian forward -- the first European taken No. 1 overall -- got off to a slow start this season, but has played better in recent games as coach Sam Mitchell has given him more playing time. The 7-footer showed a silky shooting touch -- making 2 3-pointers and going 5-for-11 from the field.

Bargnani also showed a quick first step -- driving to the basket for a finger roll on just one dribble -- in the second quarter.
"He's the first pick for a reason," Toronto's Jose Calderon said. "He's a great player. We don't have a lot of 7-footers like him, that shoot the ball like he does or take the ball to the basket like that."

Bosh says Bargnani has gotten over early season jitters.

"It was a little bit of a shock to him coming in at first, but now he's gotten acclimated," Bosh said. "He's gotten aggressive. He's been working in the gym every day and it's paying off. He can shoot the ball and keep people on their toes. He just keeps pressure on the defender. He goes by so quick that by the time the defender reacts he's going up for a jump shot."

Bargnani said the difference is playing time. He's played more than 22 minutes in four straight games after barely playing in the first nine games.

Toronto general manager Bryan Colangelo urged Mitchell to play him more.

"How can you compare playing in one game 30 minutes and eight in another? You can't," said Bargnani, who got into early foul trouble in his first few games. "Some things are new for me, and the kind of game is completely different to the European game."

Se continua cosi magati un posticino nell'All Star per i rookie trova posto.

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